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Selected papers of the presented papers in the seminar  will be published on one of two following scopus indexed journals.
1. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry (Indo.J.Chem)
2. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis (BCREC)

and also be published in Akta Kimia Indonesia or not to be published.

Please note that BCREC is a journal focusing on chemical reaction engineering and catalysis. The BCREC’s scope can be found here

Follow the instruction below to submit your paper:

  1. Prepare your paper based on the journal template you wish to publish your article. Click to download Indo.J.Chem, BCREC or Akta Kimindo template. If you do not want to publish your paper in those jurnals, plese submit your abstract using the abstract template
  2. The guidelines for online resgistration and submission could be found here
  3. To register and submit your paper, please click the following submission link and follow the instruction

All presenter could present their paper in oral or poster presentation.

We welcome your participation!!